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Album DS 11.2.1 + Portable

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Album DS 11.2.1 + Portable

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Album DS, is a graphical program and plug-in, a popular graphical application that is designed to create photo collages and photo albums. The Album DS program is fully compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS to CC 2017, and can also work as a self-contained application, in Portable version, which is presented in this release. In the Suite DS is built more than 600 templates, which can be adjusted to the size of the photo album you create.


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Fully integrated with Adobe Photoshop, works as a Photoshop toolbar.
Uses the Photoshop work area, Do not worry about too small, or too large work areas, just use the zoom capabilities in Photoshop
Creates sheets in albums in PSD, JPG and TIF format.
Automatic filling of templates, fitting during image optimization or optional fitting to image design
Save your projects as templates in the PSD format.
Enabled retouching of photos
Search templates from several folders, filtering the number and location of pictures, automatic filtering for selected pictures.
Automatically changes any template to the album size and includes guide cropping. You can also include more guides in Photoshop.
Resize, rotate and position your photos many times faster without losing quality.
Used photos and template controls.

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Display thumbnails, developed pages for easy display in the album.
Snapshots are never cropped, only in masks. You can change the size at any time.
Editing photos in Photoshop, with instant automatic update of albums.
Resize, targeted albums for new sizes are done easily and quickly.
Apply masks instantly, create your own masks and add them to the program.
Apply frames, backgrounds easily, you can add your own frames and backgrounds.
Available in several languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Polish.
Album for web page conversion tool.
Commit the file and rename the tools.
A large number of templates, several masks, backgrounds, frames and you can combine them. Just multiply, and you will see how many templates you will get.
Create collages from photos and save them as templates
Add styles to your photos and layers with one click.
Classic album objects. Adding masks, frames, etc., for individual pictures.
Snapshots, Landscape albums and viewing templates. Slideshow Album.

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Supplier of independent design for album solutions.
Hover over the images, templates and sheets, this allows you to view more items without opening them one at a time.
Preset album size, just select the company and album type and the sizes will be extracted.
Pictures can be placed on the upper left corner, or centered, automatically.
Autofiltering templates for selected images
Preassign templates to selected pictures
Smart automatic album design.

Whats New :

New Wizard / Layout to predesign the whole album by dragging images and templates to spreads, just export to Photoshop and it will create the album for you.
New redesigned interface. Includes smooth scrolling lists with automatic change from single row lists to multirow. Additional lists are dockable to convert Album DS in a true Photoshop toolbar.

Album DS 11.2.1 + Portable Album DS 11.2.1 + Portable Album DS 11.2.1 + Portable Album DS 11.2.1 + Portable

Portable Photoshop


: Album DS + Portable
: 414/737
: 11.2.1
: 2017
: Ml / Eng & etc
: Windows Vista/7/8-10 (x64 bit)

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Download| Album DS 11.2.1 Portable

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Download| Album DS 11.2.1 Portable

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