28-01-2018, 18:12   3646   0   GFX_Muawia
XviD4PSP 7.0.441 Portable (x86/x64)
XviD4PSP 7.0.441 Portable (x86/x64) | 118 MB

Easy use and high quality program for converting videos for PSP, iPOD and PC. XviD4PSP is a Video converting tool for PSP, iPOD and PC. Program use directshow for file decoding. If you have problems with decoding input files, recomend ffdshow - all-in-one decoder.
  28-01-2018, 18:11   2190   0   GFX_Muawia
Windows Repair Toolbox (+ Portable)
Windows Repair Toolbox (+ Portable) | 12 MB

Windows Repair Toolbox includes most third-party applications and Windows utilities you might need to repair any Windows problems in one small application. Its broken down into categories for Tools, Malware Removal, Tests, Notes, and Settings. When required, the program will download what it needs and can also optionally run many tools in unattended mode. Of course, you can download any of these tools individually or another similar ISO based third-party program, but those are only as good as their updates. Since this downloads directly from the homepage, you always have the latest version and only what you need.

  28-01-2018, 18:10   1909   0   GFX_Muawia
TheAeroClock 4.31 Portable (x86/x64)
TheAeroClock 4.31 Portable (x86/x64) | 4.27 MB

TheAeroClock is a unique desktop clock with transparency. This very decorative desktop clock shows the local time at the Desktop. The basic functions: total transparency, size, setting, and the selection of the Clock-texture or the appearance are available.
  28-01-2018, 18:09   640   0   GFX_Muawia
Sweet Home 3D 5.7 (+ Portable)
Sweet Home 3D 5.7 (+ Portable) | 343 MB

Sweet Home 3D is a interior design application that helps you place your furniture on a house 2D plan, with a 3D preview. There are many interior design software applications available on the market. Ill present one of them to you now. Sweet Home 3D is the perfect tool to help you place furniture in your house. If you want to redecorate an apartment or rearrange the existing furniture in a room, Sweet Home 3D might prove to be the easiest way. The application provides you with 75 furniture models that you can place in any room. They are organized into categories according to their placement in the house. You can create a custom plan that matches your house, respecting all room measurements and furniture details. And best of all, you can do all that for free!
  28-01-2018, 18:08   397   0   GFX_Muawia
Snipaste 1.16.2 Portable (x86/x64)
Snipaste 1.16.2 Portable (x86/x64) | 78.8 MB

Snipaste is a simple but powerful snipping tool, and also allows you to pin the screenshot back onto the screen. Download and start the application, press F1 to start snipping, then press F3 to paste it as a floating window. That's it! Snipaste is easy and intuitive to use, but there are also many hidden features that can make your life even more efficient.
  28-01-2018, 18:07   254   0   GFX_Muawia
SmartFix Tool
SmartFix Tool | 41 MB

SmartFix Tool will automatically correct the most common problems and even cure your computer from unknown malware, which can not cope antivirus. After integration SmartFix available in the Start menu and in the recovery environment on the F8 at boot time for WinXP and above.
  28-01-2018, 18:06   128   0   GFX_Muawia
QTranslate 6.5.0 (+ Portable)
QTranslate 6.5.0 (+ Portable) | 6.52 MB

QTranslate is a compact application designed to help you quickly translate texts among several languages. With this small utility, you simply select the text you want to translate and then press hot key (Ctrl+Q to show translation in the popup window or Ctrl+W to show translation in the main window). The program also has the ability to speak text (Ctrl+E). Also, you can open the main window and type text manually.