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Maxim India - January 2018

Maxim India - January 2018

Maxim India - ведущий мужской журнал в мире, дает мужчинам то, что они хотят - красивых женщин и интенсивный секс. На страницах издания фото самых привлекательных женщин, крутые гаджеты, быстрые автомобили, спорт, развлечения и другие мужские навязчивые идеи.

Maxim India - the world's leading men's magazine gives men what they want - beautiful women and intense sex. Maxim features beautiful women, cool gadgets, fast cars, sports, entertainment, and other male obsessions.


The Fresh Issue
71. DECODINGTHEROCK. Dwayne Johnson isn’t just the man who changed sports entertainment.
74. VIRTUAL REALITY SHOPPING LIST From console games to training, here’s how you can scout the action.
78. THE ICONIC FILMMAKERS'CUT We revisit some of India’s most revered directors for a masterclass in films, eloquence and controversy.
82. MAN ON ICE. Shiva Keshavan, India’s most famous Winter Olympian, traces his luge journey.
86. RULETHEURBANJUNGLE Let the animal kingdom teach you everything you need to know about surviving... and thriving.
94. HANNAH FERGUSON One of the hottest models of 2018 makes her Maxim debut with a year-kickstarting shoot.
101. CASUALSTYLEFORTHEMAN Cricketer Rishabh Pant shows us how to rock athleisure like a pro.

12. CALENDARGIRLS. Kingfisher’s newest faces lead us into 2018.
16. AGEOFREADERS. Our most memorable mail returns to our boxes.
18. COVERGIRL CENTRAL. What we’ve learnt from some of our fave ladies.
20. NEGRONI RISES A forgotten classic cocktail makes a comeback.
22. THEDIPOFTHEGODS. The only “breluncinner” you'll need in 2018.
24. METAL MANIA. True followers of heavy metal await these epic musicfestivals.
26. ART IN TOWN. How Miami isbecoming the city of art.
28. BUSINESSOF WHEELS. Rahil Ansari decodes the ethos of Audi in India.
30 FITNESSFOREVER. Shayamal Vallabhjee answers perplexingfit ness questions to start you off.
34 THESCIENCEOF SEDUCTION. Experts, relationship pros and scientists give you rock-solid advice.

39. CLOCKWORK ROCKET. MB&F creates a desktop pulp sci-fi masterpiece.
40. THEPERFECTFACE. We list the most elegant shaving tools.
41. ROAD WARRIORS. The weekender can be your unique statement.
42. ADVENTURE-READY. Gear yourselffor your moment in the snow.
44. THE 2018 WARDROBE. Fashion experts and watchers break down the wardrobe to take you through theyear.
48. V-12 MASTERS. A date with Ferrari’s best naturally aspirated V-12.
50. THE BESPOKE BIKE. French craftsmen have created a masterpiece in the Midual Type 1.
52. OBJECTS OF DESIRE. In a first, we discover extravagant items for the man who really thought he had everything.

Издательство: Maxim Inc.
Год издания: 2018
Жанр: Мужской журнал
Формат: True PDF
Язык: Английский
Качество: Отличное
Иллюстрации: Цветные
Страниц: 130
Размер: 100 Мб

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