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Lou Rig 0.5 for Maya 2017+

3D ГРАФИКА / ДРУГОЕ 3D   26-07-2020, 06:56   65   0   GFX_Muawia
Lou Rig 0.5 for Maya 2017+
Lou Rig 0.5 for Maya 2017+
2 MA files | 39 MB

It based on AdvancedSkeleton rigging system in Autodesk Maya app.

Tips and Tricks:
- FKHead_M holds additional face controllers attributes that are hidden by default
- Main root controller holds Bend controllers vis. attribute
- To hide polygons under the cloth use "Geo Under Hide" attribute on Main controller

Changelog (important changes):


- Inscene proxy toggle added (on the main controller)
- Separate proxy model added
- Zombie textures pack added

- EyeRegion skin weights fixed

- "Geo Under Hide" attribute added on Main controller for hiding polygons under the cloth

- EyeBrows fixed

- Model.ma merged into Lou.ma file
- Skin weights improved. Now Face much more appeal and elastic
- Panties mesh fixed
- Shoes model added
- Diffuse textures improved
- Additional textures added if you want to render Lou in Redshift, Arnold, Vray etc.

- First public releas version

To do list:
- speed up the rig (now it is slow)
- add a few more blendshapes
- make a picker
- integrate this rig into official AdvancedSkeleton installer



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