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X-Logo Reveals Pack 29935302 - Project & Script for After Effects (Videohive)

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X-Logo Reveals Pack 29935302 - Project & Script for After Effects (Videohive)

X-Logo Reveals Pack - Project & Script for After Effects (Videohive)
After Effects Version CC & above | Resizable | 5 January 2021 | No plugins | Video Tutorials | 156 mb

X-Logo Reveals Pack | After Effects

Work faster and smarter. Add creativity to your videos.
10 Logo Reveals scenes for Adobe After Effects with unique sound designs

Easy to Edit

Super easy to edit even for beginners. Why?
Every scene includes control panel for colors and more.
Just drag and drop your logo.
Edit texts without precomps.

Changeable Backgrounds

Add your background smoothly. How?
Just remove the default colored background with a simple click.
Drag and drop your background, that can be any media file like video, and it’s ready.

Auto Scale to any Composition Size

Adjust the composition to any resolution. How?
Just type your preferable size on composition settings, and the scene will automatically
convert to the new one.
You can adjust everything to the new resolution.
Use this and save time when you have to create the same animation for several
resolutions. Like 1920×1080 for Youtube and 1080×1920 for Instagram.

Unlimited Duplicates

If you need to create an animation with the same style, you have to duplicate the
composition. That’s all.


Recap Features

• Super Easy to Edit
• Unique sound design for each
• Changeable Backgrounds
• Auto Scale to any Composition Size
• Compatible with X-Motion free extension
• Unlimited Duplicates
• Unique Intro
• Video Tutorials step by step with voice over
• HTML Previews.

Special Features of X-Motion

• Import scenes at a rapid pace. Find the design you’re after, press import, and
you’re ready to go. It’s that simple and that quick.
• Literally, One-click. Import your scene precisely on the time indicator. Don’t
waste time with timeline adjustments.
• Preview as you go. Use the viewer to preview your animation designs before
locking in any changes. You’ll be able to make sure your projects are progressing
as you imagine them.
• Auto-resize scenes. Import a scene, and it will automatically fit your
composition’s size without losing quality and time to adjust.
• Search fast. You don’t have to trawl endlessly for a specific element, template, or
shot you’re after. Find what you need in record time and carry on doing what you
do best.
• Keep organized. Keep everything organized and accessible, ensuring that you’re
able to stay on top of projects no matter how many you’re working on.
• Premium templates. Create stunning videos with our Premium templates.
• Get the help you need for free, without having to leave the extension—detailed
video tutorials for every step.

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