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Ultimate File Manager 9.3

Ultimate File Manager 9.3

Ultimate File Manager 9.3

File Size : 498 Mb

Ultimate File Manager (UFM) is an advanced File Manager distributed with carefully selected and configured freeware applications. The purpose of UFM project is making the best environment to run your favourite applications within one place. Main application of the project is well-known and appreciated Total Commander File Manager (shareware) or its freeware equivalent Multi Commander. UFM lets you manage all of your files and applications in best and simplest way. This properly configured, easy to use and very powerfull environment gives you the best experience, whatever you want to do!

Ultimate File Manager consists of the following components (depending on the selected file manager)
Applications - the best and most useful free applications integrated with Ultimate File Manager,
You can manage applications with App Manager - it is a special program that allows you to manage and launch portable applications (and more) and manage the drive where applications run,
Plugins - the most popular and most useful plug-ins integrated with Ultimate File Manager,
Extended main menu - additional options and additional features,
Extended button bars - additional button bars for system settings and applications,
Quick directory menu - access to the most needed folders, the ability to run file system plugins,
Predefined custom columns - allows you to display custom information based on categories,
Predefined file names colors - allows you to colorize file names depending on its type (extension),
Predefined search patterns - allows you to search for specific files (files, directories, by extension),
Predefined selection patterns - allows you to select files of a specific type (files, directories, by extension),
Predefined list of ignored files - allows you to hide unwanted files in the list (disabled by default),
Additional keyboard shortcuts - makes work easier and faster,
Ultimate File Manager supports multi-language interface - there are currently two supported languages (polish and english),
UFM installer (in normal installation mode) allows full integration with Windows Explorer - you can create shortcuts on your desktop, in the start menu, in the quick launch bar, you can pin the UFM icon in the start menu as well as in the taskbar. You can add a shortcut to the context menu of folders, files, and drives. You will create the appropriate entries in the Windows registry,
UFM installer (in normal installation mode) allows you to use the AutoPlay feature - you can open portable media, CDs (DVDs), music, movies, photos and more in Ultimate File Manager,
UFM installer (in normal installation mode) allows you to use autostart with Windows - you can run Ultimate File Manager with the startup of the Windows operating system.







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