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Hand Mudras in Yoga

Hand Mudras in Yoga

Hand Mudras in Yoga

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Simple hand gestures used in holistic healing techniques with Yoga.

What you'll learn
Understand the different types of body mudras or gestures used along with yoga practices.
Perform basic hand mudras after learning them from demonstration videos.
Understand the benefits of each of the mudras.
Know about various hints and cautions while performing mudras in yoga.
Ensure success by understanding the importance of five basic elements and their connection with our fingers.

You should have trust in yoga and related knowledge that originated in India.
You should be patient enough to try the simple methods told here for sometime before the results start coming.

A treasure of knowledge was created and experimented by ancient Indian Yogis and Sages. One such pitcher of treasure was the gestures or 'Mudras' that were advised to be performed while doing yoga practices. There are many forms of mudras done with various parts of the body. One of the most frequently performed ones are done with fingers of both the hands together and are called 'Hast Mudras' or gestures of hands. These are related to harnessing the power of and balancing of basic elements of nature which are 'Fire', 'Earth', 'Water', 'Air' and 'Space' and space. Please do not confuse them with periodic table elements. It is simply that all energies are 'Fire', all solid state things are represented by 'Earth', all liquid state things are represented by 'Water', all gaseous things are represented by 'Air' and everything the matter is suspended in as 'Space'.

This course is an outcome of our personal experience of more than 40 years, about effects of gestures of hand or 'Hasta Mudras' for improving our mind body and soul related aspects and a technique that can be effectively used for supportive holistic healing. The highlights of this course are.

More than an hour of easy to follow video material.

Quizzes that will test your learning level.

Knowledge Retention Check Sheet after you have learned every mudra.

Only those mudras have been explained, which have been personally shared and positive results have been seen on thousands of Yoga practitioners in past forty years

Course is structured neatly as Basic Concepts, Mudra Performance Videos with Benefits Explanation and the support material.

A quick reference sheet for Disease to Mudras to be done has been added.

Another quick reference sheet for body postures, fingers used, elements involved, sitting preference and breathing styles have been added.

Every gesture demonstrated here can be performed by almost every person of any age group and can take the advantage of amazing treasure of ancient knowledge percolated by Indian sages to their disciples.

So friends! Let us get going.
Who this course is for
Any one, of any age, who is looking for simple holistic healing support technique should take this course.
Anyone who can happily adopt a time tested harmless support healing techniques.






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