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Ekahau AI Pro 11.1.2 (x64)

Ekahau AI Pro 11.1.2 (x64)

Ekahau AI Pro 11.1.2 (x64)

File Size: 462 MB

Ekahau AI Pro will help you plan, build and upgrade your Wi-Fi infrastructure. This product, over the years, has maintained its reputation as the easiest-to-use professional Wi-Fi testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting tool for corporate networks. Easy-to-understand coverage maps and fast reports make optimizing your Wi-Fi networks much easier.

Ekahau AI Pro allows you to plan Wi-Fi networks according to your performance and scalability requirements. The number of wireless clients is growing rapidly. They need more speed and stability for new applications, VoIP, HD video streaming and just browsing the Web.

Crack/Cure Instructions
1. Run the installer "Ekahau AI Pro-11.1.2-Setup.exe", after installation, it will automatically launch Ekahau AI Pro automatically and prompt you to log in (login), ignore these impulses, just close the application entirely.
2. Copy the file "patch.survey.application.jar" along the installation path to the subfolder "Ekahau\Ekahau AI Pro\lib\" or "Ekahau\Ekahau AI Pro\bin\" (it doesn't matter where, both work the same), by By default, the installation path is "%ProgramFiles%\Ekahau\Ekahau AI Pro\".
3. Launch Ekahau AI Pro, it should now be activated before "Jan 1, 2032, 12:00:00 AM".

System requirements

OS: Windows 11, 10, 8, or 7
Processor: 1.5+GHz, recommended multi-core
RAM: 4+ GB, recommended 8GB, 16GB+ for very large projects
Disk space: 1GB
Original datasheet with sys. requirements







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